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Default Re: gretsch renowns!!!

Originally Posted by walkera1962 View Post

I was suprised to see my kit on this site. I guess I sold them to you on ebay. You will love this kit. Enjoy!
Hahaha! That was unexpected. I guess this is as good a time as any to thank you for doing such a great job taking care of them as well as packing them (of course I'll add to your feedback page on eBay as well). I see you're definitely not in need of this kit with your beautiful ddrums! Wow on that 16" floor sale. You sold it for half of what I paid for the rest of the kit!! Just wondering, did the kit come with a matching snare? If so did you sell it as well? Unfortunately I'm in no position to buy anything right now but I'm just curious. As long as I'm asking... what year did you buy the kit? Thanks!!
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