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Default Re: Istanbul Agop Picture-Fest

Originally Posted by Latin Groover View Post
Well if this logo is replacing the big pressed logo across the top...i don't like it. haha. I think it's far too petite, and not as eye-catching. I like the big "Istanbul" across the top, with AGOP underneath. Of course they are similar to Mehmet, with "Mehmet" simply replacing AGOP, but I don't think they need to change. The fact is they are two separate companies of the same history, why try the 'we are our own' road when it means this logo? Yes, they are their own company, but they don't need this logo to show that.

My guess is that Agop's 2 son's Arman + Sarkis Tomurcuk felt the need for a strong identity to the current AGOP name and their products since the Istanbul Mehmet and Istanbul Agop big ink font types were nearly identical in visual appearence since 97. This desire for a new logo/stamp I can understand and since the handmade quality and location of where they are made will remain unchanged this "change" and new Agop identity going into 09 is just fine with me. Change is good :}

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