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Default Re: Istanbul Agop Picture-Fest

Originally Posted by Latin Groover View Post
So what will this logo replace on the cymbals Stan? Surely not the "Istanbul" written across the top? I gotta say i don't think that will look the best...

This is the new pressed cymbal stamp Latin Groover from what I gather. I suspect the larger ink logo to be some kind of a variation on it {or the same?} since the cymbals will simply be known as AGOP in 09. We'll all have to wait till NAMM 09 to see how it appears as an actual ink logo on the cymbals {?}.

I like it and it will give a clear visual distinction what are Agop cymbals and since the factory in Istanbul. Turkey isn't moving to a new location anytime soon the removal of "Istanbul" from the stamp/logo is no big deal :}. No more mix up on is it a Istanbul Mehmet or a Istanbul Agop after a brief glance. The new logo still has "HANDMADE IN TURKEY" in it so I can certainly live with it :}

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