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'Spokane, and the surrounding area are a drumming void. There are no decent drum shops, no decent music shops, no clinics, no hi-fi or specialty shops. I could draw a circle in a 3-hour drive radius and it's all a void, sadly.'

3 hour? Try 7 (Seattle). I thank Al Gore everyday for the internet... lol.
That answers my question about Boise. I was considering looking north into Canada. Better yet: move to Seattle this summer when I retire from active duty. There is a small drum shop in Sand Point and maybe Idaho percussion.

"Dicks hamburgers" hmmm.. yes I think I got a splash there once... :X

Seattle: You have much bigger GC's. Donn Bennetts, and music 6000 (?). That's almost paradise compared to the eastern half. Not to mention, you have B.C. to the north with lots of stuff, and Portland to the south. I have no issue with Seattle, except I can't fit in to the Bellvue area. They have cars there that cost more than my house.

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