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Default Re: Incredibly uplifting video

Hmmm, just doesn't have the same effect on me as everyone else?
I suppose I'd be insulted for expressing my opinion on it.
But I don't care...
Everyone is obsessed with world peace, some think you do it by killing those who oppose, some think you do it by sitting in a bed with your asian wife and pretending it helps, and some people think by dancing they can help. But the very few who truly know how to create world peace are ignored.
When you hear how simple this is you'll shit bricks....
Free trade and open borders. That's it, that's all you need. Don't believe me, look at britain and france and examine history, watch the war trends as the trade and border policies change. I love that people want to change the world, but to do that you need to thing like those who control it, and those who control have one thing on their mind, money. Nearly every war that has occurred in the past century was really about money. Someone wanted something, they couldn't get it, so we started war.
Boy I can't WAIT for the flaming I get!
Atheist Drummers Army:)
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