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I had the same type of moment with Slipknot back in 2005. On a whim, I bought the "Disasterpieces" DVD just to see what this band was about. Half way through the DVD I was a new fan. I think the song "Disasterpieces" is what sold me. Now, 3 years later I have every cd and every DVD. I am 31 years old and Slipknot is on constant rotation on my cd player and computer.

I have been criticized by many for my enjoyment of such music. I just tend to think to myself.. "They don't get it." They don't have to. I do get it, I do get what Slipknot is conveying and I enjoy the amazing musicianship amongst the members. Another notable mention is that the band members are in thier mid 30's some might even be pushing 40. So who is to say that one is too old for angry and aggressive music?

Slipknot has 9 members and since its beginning there has not been one change in a member. That is worth mentioning.

If you like Slipknot, give "Stone Sour" a listen. Corey Taylor (Slipknot's Vocalist) and Jim Root (Slipknot's Guitarists) are members, and it's anything but a Slipknot side project. I tend to think that Stone Sour is Slipknot's alter ego and less angry side.

Glad you enjoyed what you heard.

Now for a moment of Zen.
In another thread, I asked about metronomes, and decided on a Tama rhythm watch. I will be putting it to good use psyching out how many BPM Joey is playing. His playing represents the fastest I'd ever care to play and still be able to fit it into music. (At least any music I could listen to) I know Joey uses his iron cobras with the beater pretty close to the drumhead so it doesn't have a long rebound/recovery.
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