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Default Why am I listening to this?...discoveries

As I have mentioned in other threads, my best buddy while I am deployed is my creative Zen X-fi and a set of Bose over the ears headsets. For $139, the Bose do a great job of delivering decent fidelity and low end, while being pretty good at isolating the listener from outside noise. I am considering a set of Denon AH-7000 earphones with the mahogany ear cups. They are about $550.

The other day, I was provided with digital versions of Slipknot "Disasterpeices" video and "All hope is gone" audio.

I am an eclectic guy, but approaching mid 40's and soon to retire from active duty. I am not part of the mosh pit crowd. I am too old for that. I don't do "cookie monster" music. It doesn't speak to me, it's just too harsh for me. But I think with Slipknot I found my boundaries. I mean that in a good way.

I was in that "Geeze that was a long day" mode just before you pass out on your cot and I decided to give slipknot a try. I listened to a lot of the material before dozing off.

I get up the next day, and I realized that I could understand most of the lyrics (not usually possible with the cookie monster stuff) and I was completely impressed by Joey's drumming. His speed, power and stamina are amazing. I love the sound of his kit(s) both OCDP and Pearl. I am revisiting this music today and there is quite a bit of it I really enjoy. There is a certain anger they express. Sure it's crude, rude and obnoxious but they would not be the 1st band I discovered this way and initially asked myself "Why am I listening to this?"

I don't know if any of you have had moments like this...but it's more that just discovering someone new. It's someone I'd normally not listen to. Now I'm a fan, and I make no qualms about liking Slipknot. Now I am checking out "Stained" and "The best of Blink 182." I probably would not have listened to them had I not been in this situation.
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