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Default Re: R.I.P.: Mitch Mitchell

Originally Posted by AllTheCoolNamesAreTaken View Post
I've been sick for the past couple of days and I completely missed the news of his passing, so it's a new shock for me. :-(

Whenever I'm messing around with brushes I'll put on "Up From the Skies" and try to play along with it. It's still my favorite brush song of all time.

I never read any explanation of why Mitch "gave up" drumming for so long. Does anybody have any information about that? Seems criminal that such a good drummer spent so much time out of the spotlight.
I am also sad to hear of his passing and I have wondered the same thing.

I wasn't even aware Mitchell he was alive or dead. For someone so influential, I never heard much about him after playing with Hendrix. I don't even see people discussing his post-Hendrix work much. It's unfortunate but why did he seem to fall off the map more or less after Hendrix? Or am I just poorly informed?

Here is someone arguably as creative and masterful as Bonham who seems to have spent the last 40 years in obscurity. What was he doing with the last half of his life?
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