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Default Portnoy and Dream Theater

Ive been a fan of DT for a long time. DT is the greatest band ever live so far in this planet. There style varies alot from other bands yet, keeping the elements that make them be DT like the odd times and fast shredding solos. Ive heard many bands and no one like them. No one. The rest of the bands I can say they sound the same in all there albums. DT's music structure is unbelievable. TOT 3 weeks to write!!!!!???? GOD DAM. What band in this world does that.

As per MP, I admire him. I have all his collections of signature series. Good drummer. I repect his playing and musicality towards DT and further projects. I can say that he is not the best or the worst, or better than Tony Royster or Thomas Lang. His style is unique and thats what makes him one of the best in his line up (category).

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