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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!


I'm not sure what you mean by grand rolls....I cover bass drum technique for a minute as I feel I have nothing to fancy going on "downstairs" but I cover a lot of double bass ideas with an easy number system between hands and feet. I feel it's a useful way to incorporate double bass ideas within fills and grooves--and not just bombastic 16th idea stuff.


Thanks. Enjoying the weather indeed.


I was in Hawaii last month. I'm more of a snorkel guy than a diver! But thanks for the tip. I had a blast over there as usual.


Sorry you feel there is a void there. It's important that we support our local drum shops. You do have Dick's hamburgers, though. If you look at the picture (from the Modern Drummer cover article they did on me) I'm wearing a Dick's T shirt under the jacket on the bench photo! I got that last time I was in Spokane.


Thanks for your kind words! I'm glad you "discovered" me. Thanks again. I feel this band (as well as performances I'm happy with) still haven't been captured live yet. Two Styx CDs where I don't feel like leaping from a bridge when I hear them are "Cyclorama" and "Big Bang Theory." I suggest you check them out if you enjoy my playing. And of course, the DVD is over 5 hours which I wholeheartedly recommend! It's available world wide here:

John Fav--

Always a pleasure to see you, my friend!

That Guy--

Sorry you'll be missing the gig.


Lots-o-moving pics of that kit in the DVD! Over 5 hours of it, actually.

OK, guys. Thanks for your notes!

Cheers from Clearwater-

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