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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!


I first became aware of your playing by accident. I was in NC around 2000/2001 vacationing and stopped by the local Wal Mart. As I was walking in the music aisle I saw this CD called
Styx "Hits". The price was right so I bought it and popped it in the player in my Olds Intrigue. Geez! It was unbelievable. The cover said nothing about it being a LIVE disc.
Your playing really opened my eyes and I think I went through that CD from front to back 4 times that day. The whole band sounded great and the drum parts really elevated the music.
About a year or so later I saw STYX and REO on the TODAY show and to hear that kind of rock on a whitebread show was awesome. You guys absolutely killed that morning.
Since then I've bought 2 concert DVDs The St. Louis one with REO and Return to Paradise Theater(i think thats what it is called).
Anyway, funny how a fluke buy can turn out to be one of the favorite bands/performances in my collection.
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