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Default Re: How has AGE affected your playing style

21 and into 80's thrash metal, modern thrash like municipal waste and warbringer, gothenburg style melodic death metal, crossover, punk... lately iv been getting into sludge rock and doom.. stuff like high on fire, kyuss, the sword, electric wizard, etc. I also like a few random bands like blind guardian, converge, and darkest hour. I have alot of energy and it shows in my playing. I keep good form yet i still manage to hit hard and fast and on time. I like to play my drumset like its an instrument in the forefront instead of just simply keeping time. Thats the type of drumming i find interesting, the kind of stuff brann dailor and other progressive drummers are bringing to the table nowadays. I guess im still young and it shows in my energetic playing style, but im definately better at keeping time and listening then i was when i was 17.
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