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jay norem
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Default Re: How has AGE affected your playing style

Actually I think drumming has affected my age. Yes, I don't play with all the bombast and pyrothechnics like I used to, but being a drummer has kept me in shape, kept me mentaly sharp and kept me in the child-like zone of wanting to "play." Since I took up the drums at the age of twelve a part of me has remained that twelve-year-old, just fascinated by the drums and all the fun the drum kit represents.
Remember those cages of bars in the school-yard that were called "jungle gyms?" The drums are my jungle gym. They're my model airplanes, my GI Joe, my Schwinn bicycle, my Mad magazines, they're the girls I want to impress and the parents I want to annoy.
If I'm at all young for my age then it's definitely because I'm a drummer.
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