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Default Re: Albums I absolutely must own

RAMMSTEIN -> Live Us Berlin.
WHITE ZOMBIE -> LA Sexorcisto, Astro Creep:2000.
THIN LIZZY -> Life Live.
THE CULT -> Love, Electric.
JUDAS PRIEST -> Sin After Sin, Screaming for Vengeance, Point of Entry.
METALLICA -> Kill Em' All, Reload, Death Magnetic.
THE SEX PISTOLS -> Flogging a dead horse.
POWERMAN 5000 -> The Stars revolt tonight.
IRON MAIDEN -> Killers, Piece of Mind.
MEGADETH -> Forclosure of a dream.
DEEP PURPLE -> In Rock, Fireball, Made In Japan, Made In Europe, Orchestra.
LED ZEPPELIN -> III, Presence.
THE WHO -> Tommy.
AC/DC -> Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, Highway to hell, Back In Black, Black Ice.
JIMI HENDRIX -> Live at Monterrey.
WASP -> The last Command.
MOTLEY CRUE -> Shout at the devil, Theatre of Pain.
HANOI ROCKS -> Boulevard of broken dreams.
THE DOORS -> The Best of...
MOTORHEAD -> Bomber.
DOKKEN -> Under lock and key.
OZZY OSBOURNE -> A Diary of a madman, No more tears.
BLACK SABBATH -> Heaven & Hell, Paranoid.
GUNS N' ROSES -> Appetitte for Destruction.
QUEEN -> Sheer Heart Attack, Jazz.
FIGHT -> War of Words.
VAN HALEN -> I, II, Women & Children First, Fair Warning, Diverdown, 1984.

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