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Default Re: How has AGE affected your playing style

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Just fuel for a conversation:
How has Your Age affected the way you play/listen to music. I' curious to see the average age of the members here and what style of playing the prefer.

My guess (to make a generalization about broads - or something like that), is that the younger members (born in the 80s-90s) are playing more metal/alternative-pop/rock, the members born in the 60s-70s are playing more jazz/funk/classic rock and the members born in the 50s and before can't remember what style they play - they just sit down and spew dust all over their kits - HAHAHA - just kidding grandpa, I love your beats!

Anyway, I'll start: I am very eclectic in my music, I enjoy everything from rock to hip-hop from all decades 50s to today, however I would say my biggest influence (since I'm in my mid 30s) is the british invasion, classic rock and the early to mid 90s alternative movement.

What about you?

im 24 and not affecting me at all, styles? yeah sure blues, jazz, classic rock all the way
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