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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!


I really don't use heel/toe. It was just never natural or comfortable for me. You just missed me in the Pacific NW. I did clinics in Salem and Seattle. I won't be doing clinics in Spokane unless I'm invited by your shop---I (or any other drummer) doesn't choose where they do clinics. They have to be invited!


Thanks for your enthusiastic comments. I really appreciate it! You know, I surely don't think the dvd is a "sensation" but I'm happy you are getting a lot out of it. A sensation to me denotes huge sales, which in this sluggish economy, could be better. What you can do is take that enthusiasm--like letting me know you dig it---and let OTHERS know about it by adding posts to topics like "drum dvds" on this board and other boards. It's very much like an indie your word of mouth is important and deeply appreciated! I'm really happy you are enjoying it on such a deep level and I'm truly flattered. Let your other drummer pals know how you feel! And thanks again.

In Jacksonville tonight, Tampa tomorrow, and Pompano Beach Saturday.

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