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Default Re: R.I.P.: Mitch Mitchell

Whoa... I didn't expect this! This news is a sad revelation to those of us who were so influenced by his playing. MM was 'the man' for me, as was JH. I quit playing in highschool cuz I just couldn't see myself playing The Beach Boys any longer. And then my musical world exploded when Are You Experienced hit the streets. Wow, MM, now he had the licks that were in my head, and still are (just wish I had em' like he did). Man, what an influence he had on so many of us here! Ironic, Only recently I took the time to learn Manic Depression and Fire just because I never had. Third Stone next on the list. My first real kit is a 1968 phychedelic red 5 piece set of Ludwigs (still got em'). The very first time they were played were not by me, but instead by my cousin (he helped me set them up). Because he could, he played Fire with a big smile on his face, just to give me an idea of where I wanted to go musically. Too cool! Mitch, Rest in peace brother... Thanks for waking me up...
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