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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Todd, I hope you read this post so that you will know what a sensation you new DVD is!!!! It's like taking a lesson from a star which is imposible for the little guys like me. I just got it last week and hopefully I will be able to finish it!!!! I mean, every time I start watching it I see something that makes me say, HEY!!! how the hell did he do that???. So I work on the lick and start watching again when,,WHAM!!!! there's another wow!!! You get the picture... Seriously, this is the best DVD I have EVER watched for several reasons but the most important one is how you connect with the viewer and make it seem like it's a personal lesson. Straight, down to earth and totally enjoyable. I have to tell ya that the comment about the Tony Williams lick being like projectile vomit had me laughing so hard I had beer running out of my nose!!!! Hope to meet you in person someday and shake your hand.
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