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Originally Posted by Baddstuff View Post
Paice is not a drummer and all he does is single stroke rolls? I guess all Bonham did was triplets! Talk about not seeing the big picture! That's a rather shortsighted comment coming from "a very accomplished player". I have no problem with him wanting to show you the styles of Gadd and people like but to minimize what Paice does in that manner is inexcusable in my book. Paice is only one of the all time great rock drummers and his body of work speaks for itself. Shame on your drum teacher.
Bravo! But then again, I would have felt the same way if anyone had said anything in Ian's defense.

I agree with the baz on his playing on DP's outros. The Shield (Book of Taliesyn), Unwritten Law (House of the Blue Light), Flight of the Rat (In Rock),...
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