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Default Re: My Tama Superstars

Dude i hope you get some money together before this happens:

Good idea about the drumstore i bought a z-custom, my replacement for that atrocity from a drum shop and it was actually cheaper than online so maybe check out the prices of some cymbals you like the look of online see if you can get them cheaper or if it's such a small saving you may as well just pay a bit more to have them there and then. One good thing about a worldwide rescession is that shops are desperate to sell stuff so you can make savings.

Actually i saw you played indie hip hop and stuff so your probably not a real hard-hitter like me. But yeah not really very good cymbals. I think sabian and paiste make better beginner cymbals. Indestructible stuff. The tama superstars on the other hand are very good, definetly punch above their weight in terms of price, some professional drummers actually use them.
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