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Default Re: Cutting a hole in the bass drum...How big, methods etc...

Well I've just cut a hole in my Mapex M-Birch reso head and it's made an amazing difference. I did it because I needed relief from the feel and bouce I got with no hole. I like to bury the beater into the drum and with no port hole the rebound was just to much. So I've put a 4 inch hole in the front using an empty Heniz Chicken Soup tin (I think it's was the 800g size), heated it up on the stove and hey presto a perfect hole. So now I've got a stock reso with the hole and an Evans EMAD batter and that's it and I get the most incredible thud with a little bit of resonance due the the fact that the hole is only 4 inches. This is using the thinner foam ring as the batter muffling too and much better beater response. So I know it's personal preference but the test on the M-Birch bass drum has given good results and I'm well chuffed with it!
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