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Originally Posted by drums_n_surf View Post
Just wondering, did you start that at say 30 BPM and then slowly go slower until 12.5 or did you go straight to 12.5.

Seems kind of strange building down in speed, but it makes sense in this situation doesnt it?

Thanks a lot man.

I didn't....I don't think. Haha.
I've never "worked" on this really....although, I play and practice to a click all the time.

This whole thing started as a contest on my website because I got tired of every drummer there.... being so concerned about speed.
The point was to prove to them that..... playing slow can be harder than going fast.

In fact, I made this contest 3 months ago and I've gotten 2 entries!!!! Haha. Looks like it's harder than most thought. Haha.

I think the fact that I can do it is because I pay attention to this type of thing and even when playing fast.....the notes HAVE TO be in the right place in order to "feel" right.

Solid time's what we ALL should be doing.
As far as getting good at slow tempos.....well, just play to a click often and you should get problems.

Thanks again for the comments.

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