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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!


Which Brian doc did you see? Smile? The making of "That Lucky Old Sun"? (There are two versions of that--one was on VH1 Classic, and there is a deluxe version on the new CD with a bonus dvd doc/performances.) Anyway, glad you dug it. Brian is a genius and one of the nicest people on the planet. As for Bryan Hitt, we just chat. We've never really played together or anything. Thanks for writing and for your feedback.


Wow---Powerhouse! You're going way back now! Those were fun times.

Thanks for getting the "Methods and Mechanics" dvd. I'm happy to hear that your getting inspiration from it and I hope it continues to give you good things to think about and work on. Great!

Sadly, Jerry's records are out of print (I think). You can search at Amazon and pick them up from independent sellers. That's what I did with Ariel and the other studio one, and the name escapes me at the moment. "It's Alive" is my favorite one. Jim Hines is the drummer, and Paul Wertico plays a few tracks on one of the studio ones. I'm not on them and didn't meet Jerry until the mid 90s. But I always loved "Tears Of Joy" and I had him whip up the track "Going On 17" for me to play at clinics. He's a true musical genius. Thanks again for dropping me a note!

Just got home from Seattle. Had a great time there.

Off to Florida for 3 shows with the band and then on to San Jose for a clinic at Pro Drum on Nov 17th. Any San Jose folks--come out and say hello!

Cheers from Austin,

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