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Default Re: How has AGE affected your playing style

15, and I feel drumming really changed the music I like. Opened me up to new worlds of music, from jazz, my favorites are John Scofield Band and Joshua Redman Elastic Band, and of course older. Then to soul and funk from James Brown to the Meters and pretty much anything from that. To hip-hop, Flobots the Roots, pretty much most musical rap stuff.
Then, of course, the stuff I started with, Classic Rock, Zep, Steve Miller Band, especially Clapton, saw him with Steve jordan and Derrick Trucks and they were great. Bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters I always liked. Reggae to, especially Matisyahu. And a ton of the 90's, Hootie R.E.M. Semisonic and the such.
But my favorite is stuff like ALO, G. Love Ben Harper Ben Folds, Dave Matthews Band, Jack Johnson ect.
So to more directly answer the question, I guess the stuff I started off with is what I grew up (and still am) with, but in y 3 1/2 years of drumming that really changed the type of music I liked. It also affected my style, because I came from basic rock, andd now I love to play funk and jazz, and now I put it into the music I love, mixing all styles.
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