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Default Re: How has AGE affected your playing style

hmm... im 17 and i enjoy any and everything as long as its creative and peaks my interest. i cant really say what that is since i listen to so much different stuff (except death metal...)from avenged sevenfold (not too much of that screamo stuff) to some akon, from the bad plus to zeppelin, i got a ton of classic rock, metallica, miles davis, coltrane, charles mingus, the flobots, muse, just anything really. I'm into Funk, Ska bands like the mighty mighty bosstones.

Often i cant decide what to listen to, as i cant figure out what im in the mood for. really frustrating.

I feel im a jack of all trades drummer as my playing styles range as much as my listening does. I feel i can play a lot of styles decently well with an emphasis on groove.

so yea.
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