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Default How has AGE affected your playing style

Just fuel for a conversation:
How has Your Age affected the way you play/listen to music. I' curious to see the average age of the members here and what style of playing the prefer.

My guess (to make a generalization about broads - or something like that), is that the younger members (born in the 80s-90s) are playing more metal/alternative-pop/rock, the members born in the 60s-70s are playing more jazz/funk/classic rock and the members born in the 50s and before can't remember what style they play - they just sit down and spew dust all over their kits - HAHAHA - just kidding grandpa, I love your beats!

Anyway, I'll start: I am very eclectic in my music, I enjoy everything from rock to hip-hop from all decades 50s to today, however I would say my biggest influence (since I'm in my mid 30s) is the british invasion, classic rock and the early to mid 90s alternative movement.

What about you?
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