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Default Re: My Tama Superstars

Originally Posted by Crusto 62 View Post
Hey drums n surf , nice kit I like the colour, like a sunburst. Once you get the heads you like it will sound great. When you are ready to buy cymbals don't forget ebay, there are a couple of good sellers on there. I picked up some great A Zildjians for a third of the retail price. Rock On.
Thanks :) yeah its a Amber Fade kit, it looks even better in person, but then again, all kits look better in person lol.

yer i will definately consider ebay, thats where i managed to get the drum kit as well. Only problem is I'd like to hear the cymbals before hand, so I might have a play around at a drum store and see what i like and buy it online. And i see you're from Australia, which sellers on ebay are good you reckon? DrumPowerAustralia had a good range of cymbals and a good price and was just wondering if there are any others there. Thanks

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