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Default My Tama Superstars

I thought I should put up my pictures of my baby :) well my drum kit lol.

Well I'm still only in high school and don't have money to fund my addiction for drums, so I'm having to make do with what I've got, but I don't mind. I got this kit used for $600 AU including cymbals, the drums, new heads on the toms and snare, throne and drum mutes which was an awesome deal considering he payed over $1500 for it a year ago and it was in great condition. I don't know why anyone would buy ZBT's but he did, and they'll be the first to be replaced when i have the cash. The heads are ones I've never heard of before, but i looked around at one of the drum stores here and it's some cheap remo heads, so they'll be getting replaced too, most likely with coated G2s over clear G1s. But apart from that, i love my kit. Anyway enough talking, here's the kit, and sorry for the poor lighting! Oh and before anyone asks why my ride and crash are swapped, I'm left handed so i play open handed.

18"x22" Bass Drum
8"x10" Tom
9"x12" Tom
11"x14" Tom
5.5"x14" Snare

14" ZBT hi-hats
16" ZBT crash
20" ZBT ride

EDIT: I replaced the heads on the kit.
Toms are clear EC2's over G1's
Snare is EC Snare over stock snare side still
Bass is EMAD batter and stock reso

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