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Default Re: For the Colonel: Night in Tunesia

Thanks for that Bernhard! I always love hearing some Dex - especially when it's something of his I haven't heard before (I think I have most everything he did on disc - save for some imports).

I actually liked this - but probably more so because of the level of musicianship involved - but also - did you notice during Dexter's solo how they stopped going between the two feels? I mean - it's not that I don't like the changes or anything - just the arbitrary switching between styles that in most cases, I feel, does not lend itself to a great artistic statement, but rather a little window into the time in jazz where latin influences were brought in. I've heard Night in Tunisia done in a wide variety of ways - but when it's done in the standard switching back-and-forth, I find myself not enjoying it. It's probably me just over-analyzing everything rather than trying to sit back and just enjoy, but that's my thing I guess.

Thanks again for the clip. Humair looks especially relaxed - I love that they actually show some angles of his right hand on the ride cymbal up close!
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