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Default Re: Your favorite band that never made it big... Thread

Band of a Thousand Names/Expensive Hobby

The one time bass player for Crack The Sky, Cary Zieglers' solo bands.

Local Baltimore band that STILL plays the local circuit as Expensive Hobby.

Excellent talent at every instrument, and highly recommended to see live.

Cary Ziegler - Extraordinary bass player! As good as there is.

Oh, and actually, Crack The Sky themselves really never made it as big as they should have. Really popular in the 70's and 80's along the east coast of the US, but not so much west of the Mississippi.

Really strange, 'cause these guys were incredible musicians, and put on monstrous shows live. And they STILL do live shows in the Maryland/Pennsylvania area. Original singer John Palumbo and guitarist Rick Witkowski, still with 'em.


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