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Default Re: Istanbul Agop Picture-Fest

Originally Posted by drums_n_surf View Post
i love how all the cymbals are so unique, like how your 21" Ottoman Jazz Ride has light skim lathing lines on the bottom when its quite unusual for them to have it. I'd much rather have a cymbal that has been hand hammered and has a bit of individuality about it. However i am assuming that it means there is a larger variation in sound between each individual cymbal, isn't it?
Yes you will experience more sample to sample variation with hand shaped and hammered cymbals which just comes with individual character that comes with each cymbal right from casting, rolling, annealing and later the lathing {or no lathing} and how they are hammered slightly different by a real set of artisans along the production line.

Haven't heard a bad Agop yet after testing many samples they are just all different with their own unique personality and I just pick the ones that stand out and really "speak with a certain voice" for me within a certan size and product line.

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