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Default Re: David Garibaldi

Check this gem out:

And also Soul Vaccination:

There's actually a book that teaches you the groove from Soul Vaccination. I had a go at it once, and I couldn't even get the first fill down. Once you get past that the main groove is pretty cool. It repeats, so if you can get that one bar phrase down you're half way there.

Has anybody gone through any of his books? I've got Future Sounds, worked into it a little bit and then changed teacher... I'm highly considering going back through it.

I'll also leave you with a very Garibaldi-ish (in my opinion) fill.

It goes like this:


But if you accent the R hand and ghost the lefts, you end up with something like this:


Then orchestrate it across the kit, the 3 R's going down the toms, and the L ghosting as quiet as possible on the snare. It sounds pretty cool.

I love how David can accent any note of his groove. Whatever the horns play, he can match it, without even changing his groove. His hands are ridiculous.
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