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Default Re: Istanbul Agop Picture-Fest

Originally Posted by drums_n_surf View Post
thanks for the info steamer. Yeah that was the ride i was talking about. How do they make it so that half of its got a different finish? (how its shiny and then not shiny)
Glad it's the one you had in mind drums_n_surf .

It's the band style lathing that Agop uses on the top like you see on the Sultans that gives it it's unique visual appearence. Traditional style cymbal lathing in the outer and inner sections of the cymbal mixed with the raw appearence of the cymbal straight from the hand hammering room in the middle section combined with a unlathed bell on top. The bottom as with the top is completely hand shaped by hammer and again raw in appearence but with no inner or outer lathing patterns as seen on the top. The bottom is identical to a Turk ride but in this case this sample has some light skim lathing lines not known to be normally seen on the 21" Ottoman Jazz rides.


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