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Default Re: Istanbul Agop Picture-Fest

Originally Posted by drums_n_surf View Post
wow there are some of the most beautiful cymbals i have ever seen in this thread.

i especially liked the look of the 22" vezir ride that steamer posted...although i haven't heard many turkish cymbals live.

not meaning to hijack the thread or anything, but i see that most of these are used for jazz, and was wondering if any could be used in a rock setting, or would i have to go to the alchemy cymbals...but they don't look as nice as the agops imo

I don't own a Vezir ride but you may be thinking about my 21" Ottoman Jazz ride at 1970g. Very rare specimen indeed this one you don't see very often from one the least talked about Istanbul Agop lines. I'll repost my pics of it for reference. This particular sample is a real oddball with it's light skim lathing on the bottom and it's partial bell hammering neither of which is in it's product description from Agop. A true rare bird with an amazing quality of a pronounced woody stick click sound for such a thin 21" cymbal.

As far as pop and rock most of the players around here use various cymbals from the Sultan, Traditional series lines and the new Azure line which are very popular at the moment with many players i've met. The heavy hitters are using Alchemy Pro line cymbals and other cymbals again from the little talked about sub- lines such as the heavy weight Pasha rides.
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