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Seems like this is the place for Carmine Appices fans, so Id like to ask a question about his methods.

I would like to purchase Realistic Rock, and i was making my move towards the DVD boxed set, with 2 DVDs.

When i was popping my order, i found about the Realistic Rock Megapack, that has 2 CDs and 01 DVD.

Anyone here have this Megapack option?

I have, and occasionally use, 'Realistic Rock'. And... get this... there were no cd's when I bought it, instead inside the book were three plastic disks. I've had the book for many years and only recently dug it out of the library and put the the records on my record player (yes, they still make em'). Anyway, the disks were informative as they played specific exercises written in the book. The disks would be especially helpful for those with reading challenges... ahem.
Opinion... it's a good book. I found some great routines for gaining foot independence. I occasionally take lessons and my instructor spent over an hour with Carmin with only a couple of other 'students' last summer. One of the exercises Carmin demonstrated was to play the left foot on the quarter notes, the right on the one and three, while the hands dealt a slow paradiddle (60 bpm?) which doubled up and reverted to the original bpm every four bars. The feet maintained the original bpm throughout. Simple maybe, but for me was at first a challenge. I've noticed my left foot independence has improved, which seems to add power to my playing. Just thought I'd share that.
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