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Originally Posted by iwilliams View Post
Dear drummers,

The track I like to play from Clive Burr is Gengis Khan (instrumental) from the album Killers and The Prisoner from the album The Number of the Beast.

All the Best!
I love this record!! It is on of my all time favorites and I think of the greatest all time Hard/Rock Metal It is on of the 1st records.. I figured this whole record out by ear. Clive was great on the 1st four records (if you include Maiden Japan) I am into Jazz more now and guys like Tony and Elvin but I will always love Maiden and some other groups I listened to back in the early to mid 80s..I sitll pop that stuff on every now and then...It's awesome.. Btw, I feel no need to compare Niko and Clive or Diano and Bruce. It doesn't make any sense to me to do that, I like them all...I was on a message board I think the Iron Maiden web site one and guys were going back and forth about that crap..It was dumb.. Boy! and they say Jazz guys are bad/egotistical... Egotism doesn't discriminate, it happens all over... This may sound contradictory, but I was listening to the 1st record "Iron Maiden" which I also love and man, what a difference in sound quality. Not to slight their first record, but the production was better on Killers if you ask me..
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