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Originally Posted by GNRFAN View Post
Sorry about this the cymbal was actually on his far right not his left as I previously stated.

Anyone know what it was? Made a fantastic sound live!

It's a Zeldjian he's been usuing them for 18 years or so.
Here's his UYI kit as per wikipedia

Guns N' Roses Use Your Illusion Tour (1991-1993) setup

Yamaha Drums Rock Tour Custom Black

18" x 24" Bass Drum
3 1/2" x 12" Brass Piccolo
8" x 14" Recording Snare Drum
12" x 14" Mounted Tom
16" x 16" Floor Tom
16" x 18" Floor Tom
20.5" Ludwig Timpani

Yamaha Super Rack System
DW 5000A Double Bass Pedal
Pure Cussion Rims
Evans EQ bass drum pillow

Remo Clear Emperors/Clear Pinstripes (toms batter)
Remo Clear Ambassadors (toms bottom)
Remo Coated Ambassadors (snare batter)
Remo Clear Ambassadors (snare bottom)

Latin Percussion

LP Rock Ridge Rider Cowbell
LP Jam Block (Low Pitch Red)
Rhythm Tech DST (Drum Set Tambourine)

Zildjian (From the left rear of the kit to the right rear)

17" K Series Dark China
14" Gao Jiahe Chinese Water Cymbal
19" K Series Dark Crash
15" Avedis Rock Hi-Hats (on stand)
18" Avedis Rock Crash
8" Avedis Splash
24" Avedis Ping Ride
20" Avedis Crash/Ride
14" Avedis Rock Hi-Hats (clamped)
18" Avedis China Boy High
22" Avedis Crash/Ride

Easton Ahead sticks
Pro-Mark Maxxum 4195
Octagon Drumming Gloves
Peavey International II's (Pearls some day)
Pearl Hardware
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