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Default Re: My family don't like my being a musician....

I had sort of the same problem growing up, except both my parents, my older bro and I, plus all the immediate family were Christians. It wasn't about religion, it was about me as an individual. You see, my parents were older than most when they had kids, so we had that WWII mentality, the Depression, etc. In Texas, you walked the line and didn't step out of line, or else!! It was all about tradition and not "rocking the boat",so to speak. When my dad passed away, my mother sort of tried to keep me around, not let me do anything, let me go anywhere, etc. School, church, and maybe a social function or two, but that was it. And I damn sure wasn't going to move out or move away, at least that was the opinion of every adult around me. My drums and several really close friends were about all I had to keep me sane.

Looking back, hind sight and all, it was that age between about 18 - 23 that was the most difficult. People trying to control, manipulte, and demand what they wanted my life to be. That in itself really screws up someone - an individual not being allowed to be himself or herself. Don't get me wrong, I loved my parents very much, but at that age instead of having fu**ing EVERYONE trying to control what I did, I should have been encouraged to step out, explore, and try things to see what I like and dislike.


Eventually, that is the only way everyone around you will finally accept who you are and what you want. If it takes co-oping with several of your buddies to afford an apartment, do it. In the long run, you'll be glad you did and be stronger for it.

Good luck.
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