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Default Re: Derek Roddy here!

Hey Derek,

When asked how to learn fast double bass playing your reply is usually to jump in and play (along to) some fast music. I have tried this method and it's fun but I think I might need some feedback. Recently I have been trying to play along with a pretty fast song (about 160bpm, 16th notes). It worked a couple of times but usually I can't really keep up. My timing gets all sloppy and I feel bad for my housemates who have to listen to that sh-... Would you recommend slowing down (i.e. choosing another song)? Or do I just bite into it and just try until I succeed?

And what about even more extreme tempo's? I can usually play about 140-150 bpm 16ths quite clean but want to reach 180, 190... etc. Would you recommend building it up, gradually choosing faster songs to play with? Or just really jump in and start playing along to songs at 190+ bpm? I cannot get a single hit straight at those speeds, is it even useful to try?
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