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Originally Posted by trkdrmr View Post
I like Neil for playing Neil's style. He will not (IMO) in my lifetime ever be regarded as a great jazz/groove drummer. I really like his big-band bit at the end of his Rush in Rio solo O batterista.

I have *all* of my Rush albums and DVD's on my MP3 player while I am deployed.

I enjoy Neil's work within his boundaries. It's works for his music and I really appreciate what he has accomplished over the years.

He does what he does very well. Conversely, Peter Erskine will never be regarded as great prog or metal drummers in his lifetime. That doesn't matter a whit to me, because what he does is also great...but he's not Neil, and Neil isn't Peter Erskine.
You express my thoughts exactly as I did above. Judge Neil on what HE has accomplished and how HE plays. Not, Vinnie, Virgil, Marco and so on. I bought a DRUM mag from G.C.18 months ago that had Rod Morgenstein on it. I asked the guy that worked there (about 20) if he liked him. He said he wasnt familiar w/him. I said, He is a great all around drummer that I like a lot. He can play almost anything. At that point he said, "Thats why I dont like Neil Peart, he cant play jazz. I like Steve Gadd." I tried to explaine the obvious about such a moronic comment, but I could never open his eyes. He has his opinion, but needless to say, I never talked to him again when I went in. And I bought a new kit and spent about $1000 and gave the commission to a guy I knew there that wasnt a moron. Anyway, drums have different styles like football has different positions. Cause one football player cant play quarterback as well as a quarterback doesnt make him any less of a player.

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