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Default Matt Sorum

Sorry if he's been covered before, but I wanted my first post to be the right one :)

Saw him live twice, Once with the Cult,(last show before he told his tech to downsize his kit) and once last year in Edmonton with VR.
He's one of my 3 greatest influences, along with Tommy Aldridge, and the man who's birthday I share , Mr. Tommy Lee.
from his stuido work, to the Cult, GnR, nurodic Outsiders, VR.
The man knows his stuff, and is an icon drummer IMO.

Anyone know why he left DW and went with Ludwig?

Side notes:
Even though I have entry level gear, I've been playing for years. (Divorce has a way of letting you lose all your good toy's) they were what I could afford to keep playing when the dust settled.
Let this be a lesson to young players, you don't need Pearl Masters right off the bat.
And besides, when you put on the headphones, and close your eye's, your at Madison Square Garden in your mind anyway ;)

When I was a teenager, I was loading the van one night after a gig slipped on ice, dislocated my elbow 6 inches and pinched a nerve.
after a year of therapy, I got full use of the arm, but lost my fast dextarity of my left hand.
Thus ended my carer as a "lead player".
I refused to give up music, so I started playing drums and finally got back into the band I left as lead player, 3 years later as drummer.
Peavey International II's (Pearls some day)
Pearl Hardware
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