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Thought I would share this link to a great blog by Neil about the BR concert....

Some excerpts:
In 1992, I had my first opportunity to play with a big band, when Cathy Rich, Buddy’s daughter, invited me to play at a Buddy Rich Memorial Scholarship Concert in New York City. Though powerfully intimidated by the challenge, and naturally inclined to avoid it, I forced myself to accept. The results were . . . let’s say, “mixed.” .

This is why I cringe when people bash him for trying something different...He knows he struggled thats why he went to Freddie to loosen up....

I still had a nagging feeling that when I played in that style, I was just imitating it, not really feeling it properly. So, in early 2007, when Cathy Rich and I began discussing another Buddy tribute concert (agreeing, “It’s time”), I started thinking about trying to upgrade my “swing skills.”

Also why I cringe when Neil fanboys say that was a great performance....He is without a doubt probably my biggest drum hero but that concert is just painful to watch....

During a break in this summer’s Snakes and Arrows tour, I scheduled a lesson with Peter(Erskine). When I parked in front of his house in Santa Monica and walked up to the door, sticks in hand, I had to smile at myself. I was a thirteen-year-old beginner again, climbing the stairs to the Peninsula Conservatory of Music on St. Paul Street in St. Catharines, Ontario, for my Saturday morning lesson with my first teacher, Don George.

He is humble....its not his fault fans made him out to be "Da greatest drummah eva eva eva"...

Anywayz its a great read and theres plenty more insight into one of the most recognizable drummers of our time....
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