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Default Re: My family don't like my being a musician....

Originally Posted by SnareBass View Post
This is STUPID!

I've been a performing musician now for two years, two as a bassist and for the last 2months, a drummer.

My problem- my family are non-musicians and seem militant in their disgust for my music.
What makes it worse is that I'm a Christian Rock drummer, and my family (for the majority) are strict atheists.
So this is causing a lot of tension and stress, mostly for me. Up until now, only my (Christian) grandparents have been to hear me play anything, at a small university event. I can't talk about playing music with them, and I can't even really play drums in the house.

Anyone got any idea what I could do to help sort this out? I've tried explaining to them how much it means but nothing has got through.
Hello, mate.

It seems that they really got a hold on you...move forward and up, follow your heart.

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