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Default Re: Tallahassee? Music Scene?

well, having been to Tallahassee numerous times and staying with friends, most of the music fans up there are either the "dudebro" types that hang out at college bars all the time, or indie kids into really obscure music. So, if you're playing popular music styles, there's a good chance you'll find some work at the decent number of venues in the area. As far as the mindset of the town, it seems to be very shallow and "fun" oriented. If it's maturity you're looking for in a music-listening populace, i don't think you'll find it there. However there's a ton of students, a ton of drinking, and that calls for music. Music that i generally DESPISE, but you could find work there, i'm fairly confident.

Trust me man, i know what it feels like to be in a city where nobody understands what's happening on stage unless it's a song that's been on the radio. That's why i'm in Boston right this very moment, looking for houses and getting a job.
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