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Default Re: best way to drop a band memeber?

my guitarist moved to birmingham for the summer to work at GC. he is officially out of the band as of yesterday when he swindled my brother and i out of $225. he offered to get jackson some new pedals and me some new heads at cost. he got j one pedal but after having been fired (we went to GC and asked for him. the guy said, "chris? oh he got fired like three weeks ago for lying to customers." he still talks like we is working there), has yet to return the rest of the money. anytime were in tuscaloosa, he answers his phone promptly and is cooperative, but once he knows were in town his phone mysteriously goes dead. i want to find out where he is and surprise him with a baseball bat and a rottweiler. kidding. he is a good lead guitarist, but it is a shame he is such a douchebag.
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