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Default Tallahassee? Music Scene?

hey guys,
i am currently living in tuscaloosa, al, attending the university of alabama, and am contemplating transferring to a different school. my first choice is florida state university where i have two very good friends. there are a lot of things i have to consider for the change. tuition. curriculum. social life. and, why i posted this, music. i cant NOT play music and the music scene in tuscaloosa is terrible. really, the only acceptable genres to play are cover classic rock and cover country. (i have no problems with classic rock. dont jump me. im not knocking bonham.) but, i want to expand my playing to more funky, thick, experimental music like, my favorites, galactic, soulive, meters, john mayer trio, etc. i am originally from mobile, al, a city of around 350,000 people, and i have found that cities that can stand alone from a college tend to have a better music scene. the more adults the better... mobile has three college campuses (mobile, south alabama, spring hill) but it is no college town...

i am not looking for a nashville, atlanta, or new orleans. just something bigger and different.

what do you know about tallahassee music? what about fsu?

thanks guys.
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