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Default Re: My family don't like my being a musician....

I have a similar issue;
I like heavy metal bands like Iron Maiden, Ozzy, Metallica, Judas Priest, Deep Purple, and other great bands like that. But, my parents dont seen to understand that I only listen to them and play what they play because it sounds amazing. Take for instance "stairway to heaven" by Led Zeppelin - My dad yells at me every time i play the intro to that, or any part of the song for that matter. They dont understand that we like the music ONLY for the music, not for its satanic origins. Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and The Beatles were 3 major founders of rock n roll. Yet, they were some of the wackiest of the bunch.

Tell your parents how much you love making music, and how it gives you an output for expression. IF they really just sit down and hear you all the way through before they interrupt, they may understand. But dont force it upon them. They're still your parents, and you have to respect them. Weather you like it or not.

So, just have a grown-up, sit-down conversation. Tell them how much you love making music, and how much it means to you that you can express yourself through percussion. If they understand that, then they may relax on the whole Athiest thing.

God Bless you,
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