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Default Re: Any talents, besides drumming?

Originally Posted by eits1986 View Post
Anyone got any? Share here!

I've been drawing since I will little. I've been doing it erratically. I just sat down and drew this angel for no reason:

Thinking about getting it inked onto my calf or something...

Criticism welcome!
You didn't decide to draw a gun then? I'm surprised at you! :p

I can do A BIT of drawing. Pretty crap though. The problem is that i end up drawing the wrong line then erasing it which leaves a faint line and i do that loads of times and it just looks crap. It never comes out quite as i imagined it would.
Even worse is that i put that i was good at drawing in my personal statement for university. I hope they're not too pissed off or anything. Speaking of which another one of my talents is apparently writing personal statements. In other words bull****ing my way into university rather than doing work.

on the subject of automotive engineering here is some cars i drew:

The "Refari 180"

The "LaChev Chavette"

As i said, pretty dam ****

The other thing i did was build my own computer from parts i sourced at a store. I think it works. I'm using it now.

I can play the guitar and the bass and i'm not too shabby on the recording side either. I can write songs pretty good i'd say too especially when you compare it to my mates band where the vocals copy the guitar line exactly in EVERY song.

I can also do a pretty good accent.

Erm yeah, that's it really.
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