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Default Re: Any talents, besides drumming?

well i used to draw all the time, unfortunately i don't have enough time to sketch like i used to....

i actually drew this when i went to the local collage here, i think it turned out okay. I never really finished it, like most of my artwork.

When i attended school, it was for a degree in Graphic Design, which i no longer do professionally. In that field, and with the job I had, there was just too much emphasis on speed and volume, and total disregard for quality/creativity. (WOW KINDA LIKE SOME DRUMMERS I KNOW!! HA!)

My main talent is probably analytic thinking/logical sequences....I'm a technology consultant, and most of my job requires quick thinking to resolve PC problems. It's all about the process of elimination and the ability to make a decision when you're on the spot, as to whether or not you're gonna spend 3 hours , or 30 minutes fixing something.

Beyond that, often people tell me I have a very nice speaking voice and should be a radio announcer or something, because of the way I can convey information (my customers don't seem to mind!) I don't know if you can consider that a talent...I always did well in English classes (certainly better than Algebra), and i think that carries over into my normal life.

Well i'm done tootin' my own horn :)
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