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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Toby---Thanks for your feedback! I'm flattered you're digging the dvd and happy you are getting some inspiration from it. The Sabian cymbals on the jazz kit left to right were:

14" Legacy Hi Hats
20" HH Dry Raw Ride
22" Legacy Heavy Ride
20" Encore (DeJohnette) Flat Ride

I don't have any Groove Hats. The hats used on the big kit were mostly 14" HHX Evolutions, and then on the triple snare solo motif were 13" HH Bright Hats. Thanks again for getting the DVD and dropping me a note!

Blink--- the DVD is available world wide at Try this:

If you ORDER ONLINE it will ship same day.....right to your mail box! You're not gonna find it in many stores. It's like an "indie" record in a way. Use the internet! Right on, man....glad you're digging "Tears." One of my favorite Jerry Goodman compositions.

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